Triple P Factory Limited has been established and operate Auto parts manufacturing and

fire extinguisher for more than 60 years, under the name Siam Sophon Co. Later in September

2015, the name has been changed to Triple P Factory Limited. The company still focus on

manufacturing Auto parts and fire extinguisher under the trademarks WINSTON, as well as

manufacturing for many domestic brands.


Over the past 35 years, Triple P Factory Limited has been a leader in manufacturing fire

extinguisher. It is the first company in Thailand to receive Industrial Standards or TIS, Since

1989. The company has been recognized both nationally and internationally because of the

company’s long-experience and great determination to manufacture and develop high-quality

and efficiency products. Triple P Factory Limited is the most effective manufacturer of fire

Triple P Factory Limited has been certified for ISO 9002 quality system, within only 16

months of manufacturing. With high commitment and determination for manufacturing, also

supported by the NSTDA (National Science and Technology Development Agency), the

company has become the first company in Thailand that got certified for ISO 9002 quality

system for manufacturing fire extinguisher by the International Institute of company SGS

(Thailand) in May 21, 1999. Under the accreditation by the NAC (National Accreditation Council)

and UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service). At present, the company has adjusted to

ISO 9001: 2008, to focus on continuous development and optimization.

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Since 30 September 1999, the company has been used the trademark certificate

Thailand(Thailand Brand) from Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of

Commerce. At this point, the company focused on product development and product quality.

In March 2000, the company issued new products of fire extinguishers under the

trademark PEAK, a fire extinguisher for home-using. Which has an unique and beautiful look.

With optional alarm button FEMA, in which this button will display a flashing light when the fire

extinguisher is not ready to be use. This function allows the user to know the availability of the

fire extinguishers. FEMA is made by the company and has been patented already.

On the 10th October 2546, the company has been certified by EN 3 (a European

standard) by Lloyd’s Register Nederland BV and finally the company can mark CE MARK

(number: 0343). Thus, Triple P Factory Limited Company is the first and only company in

Since the features of this new product is unique. It is desirable for both domestic

customers and international clients. In Europe, we have customers from Belgium, they have

ordered a fire extinguisher under the trademark PEAK from the company in a large amount

Because Triple P Factory Limited has always been developing both the product and the

quality, many of the companies has been entrusted both in and outside the country. Thus,

allowing Toyota Motor Asia Pacific (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (TMAP), the country’s major car

manufacturers, ordered Triple P Factory Limited two-pound Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher for

the Toyota to export into European and Middle East markets from the year 2006 to the present.

Furthermore, Triple P Factory Limited has gained the trust of NPC Safety and

Environmental Service Company Limited, a subsidiary of PTT. Using several models of fire

extinguisher under the trademark “WINSTON” for fire drills and training customers of the

Today, the company has adjusted the quality system from ISO 9002 quality system to

ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 9001: 2008. By concentrating on developing the product’s quality and

continue to serve customer’s satisfaction and benefits.