How to use fire extinguishers

Keep your back to an exit and stand 6-8 feet away from the fire. Follow the four-step P-A-S-S procedure. If the fire does not begin to go out immediately, leave the area at once.


1. PULL the pin: This unlocks the operating lever and allows you to discharge the extinguisher.Some extinguishers may have other lever-release mechanisms.

2. AIM low : Point the extinguisher nozzle (or hose) at the base of the fire.

3. SQUEEZE : the lever above the handle: This discharges the extinguisher agent. Releasing the lever will stop the discharge. (Some extinguishers have a button instead of a lever.)

4. SWEEP : from side to side: Moving carefully toward the fire, keep the extinguisher aimed at the base of the fire and sweep back and forth until the flames appear to be out. Watch the fire area. If the fire reignites, repeat the process.

How to choose the correct fire extinguisher

– Multipurpose Use: Labeled ABC can be use all classes of fires: wood, cloth, paper, plastic, rubber, gas, oil, grease, and electrical appliances.
– National Standard Certified: TIS.332-1994 certified by Thai Industrial Standards Institute Manufactured by ISO 9002 manufacturer.
– Manufactured by ISO 9002 manufacturer.
– Suitable capacity or size. Make sure you can hold and operate the fire extinguisher.
– Portable fire extinguishers are rated for the size of fire they can fight, for example 2A 2B, 3A 5B. The larger the number, the larger the fire that the fire extinguisher can put out the fire.
– 5 year warranty or more